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Gallery of recent design work now available

  May 26th, 2015
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gallery.mayzure.comAs part of ongoing changes to my site, I have set up a gallery of my recent design work. The gallery is powered by, a site run by Adobe as part of the Creative Cloud subscription service. With the new gallery, I am able to keep my Bēhance profile up-to-date and then publish those changes on my gallery.

As any designer can attest, we all start out with the best intention of keeping our online portfolios and galleries up to date, but somewhere along the way, things get put off. But as someone who is determined to get my career in order, I’m going to work harder than ever to keep everything up to date.

So if you haven’t seen any updates from me in a while, be sure to poke and prod me to update my work!

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Lots of changes are happening here on my site. The new gallery of my latest design work is now online.

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