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  April 28th, 2018
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It was always my dream to attend an arts college and get my degree in Graphic Design. When I was much younger, I let others talk me out of my dream. Right out of high school, I found myself at a traditional state university – bored out of my mind – which led to dropping out. After many years on a winding and unfocused path, I decided to pursue my dream and return to school on my terms at age 39. Now at 43, I am fulfilling that dream and – in just over two weeks OMG OMG OMG – graduating with my BFA in Graphic Design from Columbia College Chicago.

Columbia was definitely the right decision for me. During my time there, I’ve learned so much from truly talented professionals (I’m looking at you, Dawn Peccatiello, Marlene Lipinski, Debra Kayes, Richard Zeid, Darija DokicVerser Engelhard, Guy Villa, and so many more), and have watched both myself and my peers grow as designers. My three biggest takeaways from my time at Columbia are:
1) It’s never too late to go back to school and get back on path to succeed in your chosen career field,
2) Going back to school was always more about proving to myself that I could achieve success than it ever really was to any future employer, and
3) Never stop.

(Thank you to Aobo Wang for that simple inspirational phrase!)

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